Across a packed and vibrant evening Colin Jones, Senior Lecturer and Entrepreneur Educator visiting from QUT, Australia, Chris Jackson, Entrepreneur and Senior Lecturer in BGU Business and Enterprise and Adam Hounslow-Eyre, Senior Lecturer in BGU Education Studies, wrestled with challenging questions such as 'what is the purpose of education?', and 'what is value in the context of education?'.

The event utilised a 'fishbowl' technique, where the invited speakers held a conversation with each other about the chosen topic, observed by an audience who were then able to discuss with each other the issues raised. This wider debate then fed back into the speakers' further conversations.

Together the speakers and their audience passionately explored the challenges of our current education system and ultimately asked “is it fit for purpose?” a question that is continuing to gain national attention.

Participants praised the event for raising these issues and allowing a space for discussion to occur. Event organiser Dr Elinor Vettraino, Head Coach and Programme Lead for Business & Enterprise at BGU, described her excitement at what the new series of events could offer:

"Holding these types of discussion spaces is a crucial way of debating issues of real significance, in this particular case not just for Higher Education stakeholders, but any service user who connects with formal education structures within the UK.

The “In Conversation With...” approach is part of a wider strategy to engage in critical debate that has included The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas held by BGU in June last year, and the establishment of Bright Club Lincoln which had its first event in BGU in 2016, and is an exciting addition to this mix. I look forward to what the rest of the series will bring."

For more information on future 'In Conversation With....' events please contact Dr Elinor Vettraino by email or 07731489797.

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19th February 2019

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