At Bishop Grosseteste University, we believe that every individual has the power to create positive change.

So, we place people at the heart of what we do, delivering transformative education, professional experiences and partnerships that build the knowledge, ability and confidence needed to make a meaningful difference.

Ultimately, we're committed to enabling our students, employees and partners to realise their ambitions for a better future for them and their communities.


Our purpose

Bishop Grosseteste University's purpose is to support individuals to realise their ambitions and create positive change in their communities and beyond.

Our mission

To bring together people and organisations through transformative education and professional partnerships, achieving our social purpose for the benefit of our communities.

Our values

These are the shared beliefs that unite and guide our University community.


Act with empathy and honesty.


Inspire growth by challenging ourselves and others.


Adapt positively to change whilst staying true to who we are.


Do what’s right; not what’s easy.


Support others to achieve their best, by always giving ours.


Create community and belonging through thoughtful action.


Our promise

To our students, we will support you to develop the skills needed for a life of impact, with the guidance and community to help get you there.

To our partners, partnering in your ambition, we help drive social impact together.

What does this all mean?

Our purpose, mission, values, and promises are far more than words on a webpage, they are the embodiment of our commitment to excellence, integrity, and impactful education.

Our purpose isn't just to educate; it's to empower. Our mission isn't just a statement; it's a call to action. Our values aren't meaningless platitudes; they're lived and upheld in every interaction, every initiative, and every decision we make. Our promises aren't hollow; they're the foundation upon which trust is built and futures are shaped.

We recognise the weight of responsibility that comes with our role in shaping tomorrow's leaders, thinkers, and changemakers. That's why our commitment extends beyond words on a screen. It's woven into the fabric of our institution, driving us forward, pushing boundaries, and making a difference in the lives of those we serve.