This year, Bishop Grosseteste University's newly formed Base for Research in Inclusion, Diversity & Equality (BRIDgE) introduced a student prize to celebrate work on promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through any course or extra curricula aspect. This year's prize was open to all BGU students on any course, and provided an opportunity for students to show how EDI can be championed by everyone.

From the wide range of entries we received Mae Sleeman's poster, A Dramaturgical framework of Care, was selected as the winner. This rich poster championed concepts of both theory and practice and was, the judges felt, an exciting and innovative consideration of 'belonging.' The poster (and the framework it proposes) embeds inclusion through questioning and meaning-making, and through the valuing of safe spaces in which to 'communicate, learn [and] explore' issues of equality, and diversity.

The award winner Mae said:

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have won this year’s BRIDgE EDI Prize. For me, EDI is all about belonging and curating a culture that is caring, respectful and embracing of all our diversities. As a teacher, fostering this attitude is fundamental within the classroom and is a way we can be reflective of the world we live in. Both EDI week and this prize have given me the insight into new and different viewpoints, which will undoubtedly support me as a move forwards as a teacher.
I hope future cohorts of students admire these opportunities as much as I have."

Dr Sheine Peart, Associate Professor in Access, Equality and Inclusion and the instigator of the award added: "Promoting inclusion is a job for everyone and we work with students to help them realise the profound impact they can have on the lives of individuals and communities when we build a brighter future together."

Karen Stanton, the University Vice Chancellor, presented the cash prize to Mae and confirmed; "This prize is just one of the many ways in which the University demonstrates its serious commitment to embedding equality in the curriculum and to working in both the University and wider community to promote equality to enhance the lives of all our community members. Mae's creative and exciting poster shows how academic concepts can inspire practical changes and embed core values into all we do."

The award was presented to Mae during a short ceremony and her poster will be on display throughout the coming academic year!

28th May 2024