At BGU there are a number of steps we have taken to incorporate responsible consumption and to encourage recycling.

  • Careful planning and management in our food outlets, and strategies such as batch cooking and stock rotation, means the University generates very little food waste.
  • Takeaway cartons, cutlery, straws and stirrers in our food outlets are made of sustainable and/or biodegradable materials.
  • We recycle paper and cardboard across the campus as part of our daily housekeeping routines.
  • In the University Library damaged books are routinely repaired to prolong their lives. Books that are no longer needed are sent to a local second-hand book supplier to be sold on, with a percentage of the profits going back to the Library to reinvest in new resources.
  • We have organised trips for students and staff to Lincolnshire’s Energy From Waste plant in Lincoln, to see for themselves how the county’s waste is processed and re-purposed.
  • Batteries, crisp packets and plastic bottle tops are collected on campus for recycling and re-purposing.
  • Paper supplies used by our Reprographics team are sustainably-sourced.
  • Empty toner and ink cartridges are returned to our suppliers to be re-filled.
  • Stationery items and equipment like envelopes, lever arch files, box files, binding combs, monitor risers, footrests, and letter trays are routinely re-used across the University.