RKEU lead: Jack Cunningham

E-mail address: jack.cunningham@bishopg.ac.uk

Core members of the RKEU:

Dr Adam Hounslow-Eyre

Dr Gioacchino Curiello (Postdoc Fellow)

Dr Elizabeth Kimber

Dr Nick Gee

Dr Smaragda Kampouri

Dr Sacha Mason

Mark Plater

Ros Gammie (PhD student-Humanities)

Adam Foxon (PhD Student- Humanities)

Kathryn Cotton-Betteridge (PhD Student- Humanities)

Recent Publications

Robert Grosseteste and Theories of Education: the Ordered Human, eds. S. Puttick and J. Cunningham (Routledge, 2000).


Although the Ordered Human Project is based and largely focused on BGU we have active partners in Oxford and Durham Universities.