Dr Elizabeth Kimber

Elizabeth teaches mathematics and has previously taught in schools and universities. She is particularly interested in supporting students to make the transition from school to university level mathematics. From 2013-2017, Elizabeth worked as a resource designer for Underground Mathematics, developing many rich classroom tasks for teaching A level mathematics. She also worked with teachers to develop support materials for these tasks, including detailed notes and classroom videos. This work built extensively on her previous school and undergraduate teaching and on her secondment in 2010 as a Nuffield Foundation Education Fellow, through which she contributed to several curriculum projects including Applying Mathematical Processes.

Elizabeth’s research interests include mathematics and education and she has a PhD in group theory from the University of St Andrews. Her recent work has focused on mathematics educational resource design, use of video in professional learning and the analysis of classroom dialogue.

Elizabeth has run mathematics outreach and STEP support sessions at the University of Cambridge and run professional development sessions for teachers on behalf of the Prince’s Teaching Institute. Elizabeth volunteers for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust and delivers Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses.

2018, 'Three Design Heuristics for Enhancing the Use of Video to Improve Teaching Practice' in Educational Designer Issue 10. [View article]