Mark Plater

Mark Plater coordinates and teaches on the Secondary PGCE Religious Education programme. He also teaches various undergraduate and Master's level theology modules, with an emphasis on world religions and education. He has a special interest in fieldwork, and leads annual visits to London, Europe and India in addition to various day trips. Mark joined the staff of Bishop Grosseteste University in 2006 following a wide-ranging career in secondary school teaching, advisory work and four years as Director of Education at the Diocese of Southwell, Lincolnshire.


Mark’s teaching contribution is varied, including secondary PGCE teaching and various undergraduate and postgraduate Theology modules. The Theology modules include World Religions, Religious Conflict and Dialogue, Asian Beliefs, Green Theology and Holocaust Education. Mark also coordinates the 3forRE scheme, and the Farmington Fellowships programmes at BGU, both of which are for classroom based RE research.

Mark’s ongoing research interest is in teaching about mystery and the mysterious, with a special focus on Hallowe’en. Other research interests have included: maximising the value of assessment feedback to students, the impact of field visits, and the interplay between professional and personal development. Recent research projects in progress include the What is RE for? survey with members of SACREs (Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education) RE teachers and others, and the ITT Pathfinder research being carried out on behalf of the Church of England Education Office.

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