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Our Theology & Religious Studies Master's course will take you on a journey from the religious worlds of the great Western traditions to the mystical world of the ancient East. It will cover the burning contemporary issues that surround Religious Studies today and delve into life’s great questions. You will be able to explore the ideas and curiosity that have gripped the human race from the time we began to decorate the walls of our caves until the time we launched ourselves beyond our stratosphere and into outer space.


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1 or 2 years

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Bishop Grosseteste University

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About this course

Throughout this MA you will develop your ability to frame a theological or philosophical argument, gain expertise in interpreting sources and acquire a greater appreciation of the rich variety of religious experiences in our world. A few key modules will allow you to explore religious dialogue and conflict, explore the theology of literature, film and television, contribute to the contemporary debate between believers and non-believers, and discover the philosophy of religion.

This course is about our world, our life and the sense we try to make of it. It is for those who are fascinated by the world of theology and religion - whether they be for committed believers, questioning agnostics and ardent atheists. It is ideal for anyone involved in a profession which requires an understanding of religious, philosophical and ethical issues. In short, it is for anyone who wants to explore the nature of existence in the company of experts.

Our Theology & Religious Studies MA is the ideal course for any RE or Philosophy teacher who wants to further their expertise in their chosen subject. The knowledge and skills it promotes would also be ideal for anyone involved in a profession that requires them to deal with religious, philosophical or ethical issues.

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What you will study

Students on this course currently study some or all of the following modules:

This module will provide an essential foundation for further study in Theology and Religious Studies by examining key contributions from the great thinkers of the Eastern and Western traditions. It will set out the character and scope of Theology and Religious Studies and will challenge you to critically review its practice through a series of case studies of great thinkers such as Plato, Confucius, W. G. Frazer, Ghandi and William James.
This is a module that addresses an area of theology that is increasingly growing in importance. Academics have long recognized that the world of fiction is a vast repository of theological exploration and in film, TV programmes and novels we may encounter profound treatments of the subject. This module will ensure that the programme is comprehensive in its treatment of theological expressions.
The purpose of this module is to engage you in perhaps the most important religious issue of our time: that is the rise of religious fundamentalism in all parts of the globe. You will explore and evaluate the responses of the academic world to this development as you try to explain its rise and deal with its manifestations.
This module will outline the often contested nature of inter-religious dialogue and faith. It presents you with the knowledge and skills necessary for exploring issues such as sectarian strife, inter-religious antagonisms and the efforts the to overcome difficulties in the contemporary religious world. Additionally the role of the theologian in the writing of theology and related issues, such as recent developments approaches to pluralism, will also be closely considered.
Engage in the important and much debated issue surrounding the belief, agnosticism or non-belief in God or dieties. The question of God’s existence is more pertinent now than t has ever been. Atheistic authors frequently populate the bestselling authors lists and their work is often prominently featured in our high street bookshops. This module will critically examine the arguments of established and contemporary atheists as well as the counter-arguments of atheists, agnostics and theists.
You will, with tutorial supervision, engage in an independent piece of theological research on a subject of your choosing. You will be required to devise and undertake a substantial written dissertation on a subject of interest to you. The module will thereby deepen and refine your knowledge of your specialist area within the context of a longer piece of analytical written work.

Entry requirements

You will need to have obtained, or be predicted to obtain, normally an undergraduate honours degree in a Humanities or Social Sciences related subject (or equivalent).

If you have any questions about the entry requirements for this course, please contact our Enquiries team for advice on +44 (0) 1522 583658 or email

BGU is committed to widening access and participation and we adhere to a strict policy of non-discrimination.


Assessment will take place on our modules via a variety of forms including essays, presentations and portfolios. It also includes a final dissertation which allows you to become a real expert in a theological topic that particularly fascinates you.

Careers & Further study

This would be an excellent programme for anyone wanting to pursue a career in any area of religious or philosophical education, including teaching at a Primary, Secondary or Higher level. It would also be a very useful degree to take into social work, counselling, clerical life, youth work, or work within the heritage sector.

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For all applicants, there are full instructions here to make it as easy as possible for you to fill in your online application, plus help text where appropriate.

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