What might happen to you if you engage with the Chaplaincy?

The Chaplaincy is here for all members of our community – whether or not you have a religious affiliation. We’re one of a number of sources of help and support – more than anything else, we want you to feel safe and cared for. We’re not here to persuade you into – or out of – any particular attitude to religion – when you walk through our doors, we’re not out to “get” you.

The Chaplaincy team consists of students and members of staff – some of whom are paid and others are volunteers. Peter Green, the Dean of Chapel, who is responsible for running the Chaplaincy, is an Anglican priest whose work is rooted in a regular rhythm of prayer and study. He is also involved in the academic life of the University doing some teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The team regularly consists of members with a mixture of outlooks on religion and affiliations – from atheists to Evangelicals, from Muslims to “Spiritual But Not Religious”, and quite a few stations in between.

The Chaplaincy has two very distinct dimensions: one of those dimensions is religious – prayer, study, pilgrimage, and helping members of the community on their spiritual quest (whatever that might mean). The other dimension has no explicit religious content whatever – trips, activities, and social events. You can freely participate in one or both of these dimensions. Oh yes – and there’s rather a lot of free food!

Why might you walk into in one of the Chaplaincy Offices on campus?

  • Maybe you want to book your place on a free – or low cost – trip. You might want to go paintballing or to Alton Towers or to a National Trust Property or to the theatre. You might want to join us on a picnic or you might want to come on a trip Harry Potter Studios. Or maybe you want to go trampolining.
  • Maybe you want to pursue your interest in spirituality or religion and you want us to help put you in touch with a community that shares your interest. Maybe you want somebody to pray with or to study sacred texts with. Maybe you want to join our Meditation group.
  • Maybe you’re stressing out about an assignment and you want to get some help.
  • Maybe you want to join our choir.
  • Maybe you want to find out when the next evening of board games is happening.
  • Maybe you’re feeling homesick or anxious and you’d like a friendly welcome.
  • Maybe you want to join in the banter with those who often hang out in the Chaplaincy Offices and are delighted to see a new face.
  • Maybe you want to argue about ideas and beliefs.
  • Maybe you want to join the team!

I like to go to the Chaplaincy events. I’m not religious but that doesn’t matter because the Chaplaincy offers a wide range of activities for everyone. I like going to tea and toast where you can get hot drinks and some toast for free, plus it’s a good way to have a catch up with friends. I also like the Chaplaincy day trips. I went on one last year – the transport was free and it was a good day out.

Third year student

Our mission & vision

Our Chapel and Chaplaincy team are here to:

  • Promote respect for the diversity of religious views in our community and keep faith with our Christian inheritance
  • Provide assistance to members of our community in their spiritual quests, whether or not they are exploring the Christian faith
  • Provide space for the expression of, and dialogue about, what it can mean to have faith, to be spiritual and to be human
  • Offer companionship and hospitality within the institution by being present and available to all
  • Celebrate our distinctiveness and help shape the institution and local communities
  • Look outwards, broadening horizons and enlarging hearts and minds

To find out more, and to speak to a member of the Chaplaincy team please email chaplaincy@bishopg.ac.uk

Chaplaincy Events

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Chaplaincy Events

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Joining chaplaincy was the best decision I made while at university and whether you want to join or just want to chat, chaplaincy can help with that.

Shannon, BGU alumni

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