Dr Sacha Mason

Sacha is Head of Programmes for Education, Health and Lifelong Learning. The role includes the strategic leadership and management of programme development and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Early Childhood Studies, Education Studies, Professional Studies, and Special Educational Needs Disability and Inclusion, Psychology, Counselling, Health and Social Care and Sport within the Faculty. She is also Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange and a Senior Fellow of the HEA. Sacha is a Doctoral supervisor.

Sacha teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Her teaching interests include research, academic literacies, early years and primary education with a specific focus on personal, social and emotional development and relationships and sex education. Sacha joined Bishop Grosseteste University in 2008 following 8 years of working in Further Education and a teaching career in the primary school sector.

Sacha’s research background is in education. She has conducted research into Relationships and Sex Education, academic literacies and work-based learners. She is interested in widening participation and, in particular, mature learners. She completed an MA in 2007, and a PhD in 2016 with a research focus on academic literacies and non-traditional work-based learners. She is a postgraduate supervisor for Master's and Doctoral students.

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