Name of RKEU lead Dr. Caroline Horton

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Core Members

Thomasin Nicholds

Martin Smith

Vy Nastajus

Teresa Garrod

Anthony Bloxham

Zoe Nye

Kay Purle

Katya Bozukova

Jo Cormack

Overview of research interests and projects as part of the RKEU

The Psychology, Health and Wellbeing RKEU encompasses much of the research activity within the discipline of Psychology and contributes to the Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience REF Unit of Assessment. In addition, projects in the fields of Special Education Needs and Inclusion, Health and Social Care and Counselling (all in relation to psychology) are supported and encouraged within this Unit.

Projects cover a broad range of approaches and interests, from intervention studies (e.g. mindfulness, Dunn; pets as therapy, Dimolareva) to meta-analyses (animal assisted interventions, Dimolareva; effect of sleep on autobiographical memory, Horton), lab-based experiments (virtual reality to explore episodic memory, Nastajus; targeted memory reactivation in sleep for procedural memory consolidation, Bloxham) to interview studies (lived experience of pregnancy loss, Garrod; experiences of parents of picky eaters, Cormack) to psychometric explorations of personality (The Dark Triad, Blanchard).

Conventional academic peer-reviewed publications are produced, along with more creative knowledge exchange and impact events, including podcasts (e.g. The Sleep Science Pod), webinars, consultancy work and presentations.

PhD and other research opportunities within Psychology, Health and Wellbeing

There are a number of ways to engage with our research, as both a participant and a researcher. In the first instance, please contact if you are interested. We are currently running a number of wellbeing-related projects exploring sleep; mindfulness; pets as therapy; and parental anxiety over their child's eating behaviours.

Current BGU students have the opportunity to join an existing research team via the Student Research Internship scheme. For current live project opportunities, please contact Dr. Caroline Horton.

Full-time and part-time PhD opportunities are also available. Current project opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Sleep-dependent autobiographical memory consolidation (project supervised by Dr. Caroline Horton, within DrEAMSLab)
  • Exploring the nature of "switching off": Cognitive and emotional factors underpinning the wake-sleep transition (project supervised by Dr. Caroline Horton, within DrEAMSLab)
  • Psychometrics, personality (psychopathy; the dark triad), evolutionary psychology (Dr. Alyson Blanchard)
  • Mindfulness interventions (Dr. Tom Dunn)
  • Experiences of cancer survivorship (Dr. Gianina Postavaru)

Two recent PhD completions from the DrEAMSLab showcase the successes of our doctoral community. Dr.s Anthony Bloxham ("Does dreaming relate to sleep-dependent memory consolidation?") and Vy Nastajus ("Exploring the use of virtual reality in episodic memory research") successfully defended their vivas in May 2021.

Recent indicative publications

Blanchard, A. E., Kibowski, F., & Dunn, T. J. (2020). Existential Threats of Immigration and Terrorism Predict Voting for Brexit and Trump. Evolutionary Psychological Science (in press)

Blanchard, A. E., Dunn, T. J., & Sumich, A. (2020). Borderline personality traits in attractive women and wealthy low attractive men are relatively favoured by the opposite sex. Personality and Individual Differences, (December 2019), 109964.

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