Zoe Nye

Zoe trained and worked as a secondary Mathematics teacher in Boston, UK before moving overseas in 2005 to work firstly in a Women’s College in Abu Dhabi, then as a Head of Mathematics in Hong Kong and a Head of Mathematics in Argentina. Returning to the UK in 2013 she worked as a Leading Practitioner of Mathematics in Nottinghamshire before joining Bishop Grosseteste University in 2015 as the Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education. Zoe is a member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics and a Fellow of the Society for Education and Training. Teaching Zoe teaches on the PGCE Secondary Education Course where she is subject leader for Mathematics. She also teaches on the Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics and leads the third year pedagogy module.

Zoe’s research is in the area of the Psychology of Learning Mathematics – including the influence of globalisation, creativity, gender differences, resilience and the effect of mastery. Having seen a range of national and school cultures she is interested in the effects that reculturing and organisational change could have on students’ interest in, and retention of, Mathematics.

Zoe is working with local schools providing CPD and guidance on the areas of Curriculum Development, Mathematics Mastery, Rich Tasks and Problem Solving.

Physics text books published as co-author and technical proof reader. CGP Books Ltd

  • A2 Physics Revision Guide
  • AS Physics Revision Guide
  • GCSE Physics Essential Exam Practice – Foundation Level
Publications as technical proof reader and English Language writer in Hong Kong. Pan Lloyds Publishing Ltd.
  • HKDSE Exam Series – Physics MC Questions (Compulsory Part)
  • HKDSE Exam Series – Physics Multiple-choice Questions (Compulsory Part) Book B