Martin Smith

Martin Smith joined BGU in 2016 and is the technician for Psychology. His main role is supporting staff and students with using the variety of Psychology equipment we have available in the department, such as the virtual reality headset and BIOPAC devices. Martin delivers a number of practical sessions across the degree to help support student understanding of psychological concepts. Martin also co-ordinates the SONA system, which is used to help advertise staff and student research projects. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Lincoln and completed a Research Master's looking at using Virtual Reality as a means of investigating how we use language for objects that are in motion. Martin is part of the Psychology, Health and Wellbeing Research and Knowledge Exchange unit, where he offers additional technical support for other members of the unit.

Smith, Martin & van der Zee, Emile (2021). Talking about object location during motion: how front-back axes are generated when using in front of, behind, leading and following. In: Språkets Funktion. Festschrift for Urpo Nikanne’s 60th birthday. Leena Maria Heikkola, Geda Paulsen, Katarzyna Wojciechowicz and Jutta Rosenberg (eds.), 245–265. Turku, Finland: Åbo Akademis Förlag.