Professor Scott Fleming

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

Scott Fleming has responsibility for the development and implementation of the academic aspects of the Strategic Plan, chairing relevant committees, line-management of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students), Dean of Faculty, and the Research, Knowledge Exchange and External Engagement leadership team.

Scott is Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies and has a long-standing interest in ‘race relations’ and youth studies which form part of a wider portfolio of research linked to equality and diversity. His work embraces the social sciences and humanities, and some recent projects have been concerned with organisational cultures and aspects of sport development linked to public health. Throughout his career, he has maintained an interest in research methods and research ethics.

A former Chair of the Leisure Studies Association (2004-2009), Scott was a Managing Editor of Leisure Studies (2010-2016) and is a member of the Editorial Board of The Sport Psychologist. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and of the Higher Education Academy.

Scott is also a member of the Research Excellence Framework 2021 Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel and of the Athena Swan Governance Committee.

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2013 Developing a pilot to test the feasibility and effects of mandatory referee qualifications and licensing for the Rugby Football Union – Rugby Football Union [with A. Miles, M. Anderson & R. Lord]

2010-2014 Professional Ethics for Sport and Exercise Scientists – BASES Supervised Experience Core Workshops [with C. Jones]

2010 Understanding the Sports Council for Wales’ Market Segments. Sports Council for Wales [with N. Bolton, A. Miles & M. Anderson]

2010 Continuous professional development for referee advisors and referee coaches – Welsh Rugby Union [with M. Mellick & B. Smith]

2008-2009 Do Activity, Stay Healthy Evaluation. Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership [with A. Miles, M. Anderson, N. Bolton & S-M. Cooper]

2007-2008 A review of the Welsh Rugby Union’s Premiership. WRU [with L. Evans]

2018-2021 PhD Is dreaming related to sleep-dependent memory consolidation? (A. Bloxham, BGU)

2011-2018 PhD Only Schools and Courses: An Ethnographic Study of Working Class Schooling in South Wales (A. McInch, Cardiff Met).

2011-2016 SportD Management and Analysis in Tier Two International Rugby Union. (H. Wiltshire, Cardiff Met)

2011-2015 EdD Enterprise: The Third Mission for academics in higher education in UWIC between 2009-12 (G. Jones, Cardiff Met)

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2010-2014 PhD “Days in the Dirt”: An Ethnography on Cricket and Self (H. Bowles, Cardiff Met)

2011-2016 PhD The body, narrative, and identity construction in trampoline gymnastics (R. Lord, Cardiff Met)

2010-2015 PhD Efficient And Effective Management In Higher Education: An Insider, Action Research Perspective (J. Barnett, Cardiff Met)

2009-2018 PhD Construction and Implementation of Coaching Philosophies – the role of the “hegemonic triumvirate” (L. Graham, University of the West of Scotland)

2009-2012 PhD Cardiovascular disease risk factors in young Welsh people and the effects of a cross-curricular physical activity intervention (G. Knox, Cardiff Met)

2007-2014 PhD Identifying effective coach / athlete (referee) interactions with specific reference to the development of rugby union referees (P. Renton, Cardiff Met)

2007-2011 PhD Towards a normative account of national representation in sport (H. Iorwerth, Cardiff Met)

2007-2011 PhD Young people’s participation in extra-curricular sport and physical activity: An analysis of Wales’s ‘5×60’ project (A. Leyshon, Cardiff Met)

2005-2010 PhD Choking in sport: The case of elite golfers. (D. Hill, University of Gloucestershire)

2005-2007 PhD A soft gynocentric feminist critique of the modern-day practice of sport (L. Edwards, Cardiff Met)

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1999-2006 PhD Do Referees Play Fair? An investigation into interpersonal expectancy effects and interactional justice in elite rugby union football refereeing. (M. Mellick, Cardiff Met)

1999-2006 PhD Leisure and National Identity in the South Wales Coal Field, 1830-1914. (I. Pritchard, Cardiff Met)

1993-1996 MPhil The Physical Education Curriculum in Higher Education: A Study of the Gender (S. Wood, University of Brighton)

1993-1996 MPhil The Sociological and Educational Influences Upon Young Males’ Involvement in Cricket (M. Toms, University of Brighton)