Dr Adam Foxon

Dr. Adam Foxon is a senior lecturer at BGU on our Foundation Year programme. He also lectures on Theology, Philosophy and Ethics. He completed his PhD in 2022 entitled, Quod Homo sit Minor Mundus: Robert Grosseteste and the Potentiality of the Material World: Microcosmism and Deification in the Development of a Didactic Weltanschauung. Dr. Foxon has worked in schools and colleges around his work at BGU and actively encourages public exposure to the academic world. He is open to conversations surrounding academic outreach, particularly in areas concerning history, philosophy, and religion.

His academic work and interests are incredibly varied. He is a medievalist at heart (12th-13th centuries), but he also delves into other areas, from: historic and modern perspectives on the paradigm between science and religion; arguments for the existence of God; the Christian notion of microcosmism (and its effect on deificatory convictions); and process theology, to: exotheology (theological thought related to extra-terrestials) and the relationship between religion and football.