James Silverwood

James joined BGU as Senior Lecturer in Business in September 2021. He had previously been employed since December 2016 as Lecturer in Emerging Markets at Coventry University, and before that had spent several years from October 2011 as a Graduate Lecturer at the University of Hull.

James completed the majority of his education at the University of Hull graduating from the institution with two degrees, a BA (Hons) in History and Politics and an MA in Global Political Economy. It was at the University of Hull that James also completed his PhD in Politics submitting and successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the orthodox deployment of macroeconomic policy across British economic history. During his doctoral study, James also achieved a Post Graduate Certificate in Research Training.

More recently, James has attained a Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Performance in Higher Education from Coventry University delivering theoretical underpinning to his practical approach to pedagogy that emphasises a combination of active and blended learning to secure positive student outcomes.

James’ main research interests fall in three disparate areas. His outputs have been most prolific in the subject of British political economy, especially the topic of industrial policy. Elsewhere, James has published on the issue of emerging markets and the potential for debt crisis in the global economy. He is also pursuing research into the history of education in England.

James teaches across all courses offered by the Business team at BGU.

Journal Articles

Silverwood, J & Wolstencroft, P. (2023) The Ruskin Speech and Great Debate in English Education, 1976-1979: A Study of Motivation. British Educational Research Journal. DOI: 10.1002/berj.3868

Silverwood, J & Berry, C. (2023) The distinctiveness of state capitalism in Britain: market-making, industrial policy and economic space. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space. 55(1)122-142

Woodward, R., & Silverwood, J. (2022) What we do in the Shadows: Dual Industrial Policy during the Thatcher Governments, 1979-1990. British Journal of Politics and International Relations. DOI: 10.1177/13691481221077854

Silverwood, J., & Ariza, K. (2021) The Show Must Go On: British Industrial Strategy and the Creative Industries, Political Insight 12(2): 36-39.

Silverwood, J. & Woodward, R. (2018) From Maggie to May: Forty Years of (De)Industrialisation Strategy.The Political Quarterly, 89(4): 631-639.

Moulton, J. & Silverwood, J. (2018) On the Agenda? The Multiple Streams of Brexit-Era UK Climate Policy. Marmara Journal of European Studies, 26(1): 75-100.

Funding Income

Lead Academic, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (LCVS). 2022 - 24 (£162,000)

Book Chapters

Silverwood, J., & Woodward, R. (2021) Prisoner of the Past: UK Industrial Strategy from Empire to Brexit. In C. Berry & J. Froud (eds) The Political Economy of Industrial Strategy (Newcastle: Aspire) 19-28

Silverwood, J. (2021) Competition and Credit Control, Monetary Performance, and the Perception of Macroeconomic Failure: The Heath Government and the Road to Brexit In T. Heppall & A. Crines (eds) Politics and Policy under Prime Minister Heath 1970-1974 (London: Routledge) 87-114.

Silverwood, J. & Moulton, J. (2019) ‘A Tale of Two Debt Crises: The IMF and the (Un)sustainable Development of Ghana’ in S. George & S. Palladini, eds. Emerging Markets: Sustainability and the Developing Economy (London: Routledge) 81-94.

Silverwood, J & Woodward, R (2018) ‘Still picking winners: The Political History of UK Industrial Strategy’ in C. Berry, ed. What We Really Mean When We Talk About Industrial Strategy (Manchester: Future Economies) 189-192.

Other Publications

Silverwood, J & Woodward, R. (2022) British Industrial Policy: the continuing story of a death foretold. Available at: http://speri.dept.shef.ac.uk/authors/james-silverwood/

Silverwood, J. & Ariza, K. (2020) Lights, Camera, (Government) Action: A Modern History of Creative Industrial Policy in Britain. Available at: http://blogs.coventry.ac.uk/researchblog/lights-camera-government-action-a-modern-history-of-creative-industrial-policy-in-britain/

Silverwood, J. & Woodward, R (2018) Don’t be Fooled: UK Industrial Strategy has a Long History of Picking Winners, Available at: http://www.pqblog.org.uk/2018/10/dont-be-fooled-uk-industrial-strategy.html

Woodward, R. & Silverwood, J. (2018) The Schizophrenia of UK (De)Industrialisation Strategy, Available at: https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/austerity-and-its-alternatives/research & http://speri.dept.shef.ac.uk/2018/10/02/the-schizophrenia-of-uk-de-industrialisation-policy/

Moulton, J. & Silverwood, J. (2018) What will Brexit mean for UK Climate Action? Available at: http://speri.dept.shef.ac.uk/2018/06/21/what-will-brexit-mean-for-uk-climate-action/

Silverwood, J. (2017) Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May and Industrial Strategy, Available at: http://speri.dept.shef.ac.uk/2017/01/19/margaret-thatcher-theresa-may-and-industrial-strategy/

Silverwood, J. (2015) The Economic Legacies of Denis Healey and Geoffrey Howe, Available at: http://speri.dept.shef.ac.uk/2015/10/29/the-economic-legacies-of-denis-healey-and-geoffrey-howe/

Silverwood, J. (2014) What’s so new about Osborne’s New British Economic Model? Available at: http://britishpoliticsgroup.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/whats-so-new-about-osbornes-new-british.html

Conference Presentations

Berry, C., & Silverwood, J. (2022) The Distinctiveness of State Capitalism in Britain: Market-making, Industrial Policy and Economic Space. Paper Presented at the BISA Annual International Conference. 15th June.

Silverwood, J. & Berry, C. (2020) The Distinctiveness of State Capitalism in Britain. Paper presented at the PSA British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group Workshop on 'Trajectories of British and European Capitalisms'. 16th December.

Silverwood, J. (2018) ‘The Bank of England and Competition and Credit Control: A Reappraisal of Monetary Policy under the Heath Government’, Paper presented at History and Politics PSA Specialist Group Conference, Liverpool, 11th June.

Silverwood, J. (2018) Critique of the Punctuated Equilibrium of Policy Change: The Return of Fiscal Orthodoxy in UK Policymaking after Crises of Capitalism. Paper presented at the PSA 68th Annual International Conference. 26th March.

Silverwood, J. (2017) Theresa May, Brexit, Economic Policy and the 2017 General Election. Paper Presented at the Faculty of Business and Law Research Conference (Coventry University). 29th June.

Silverwood, J. (2017) Change and Continuity in British Macroeconomic Policymaking during Crises of Capitalism: The Resilience of Orthodoxy in Interesting Times. Paper presented at the PSA 67th Annual International Conference. 12th April.

Silverwood, J. (2014) The Established Strategy for Economic Recovery in the United Kingdom: Orthodox Macroeconomic Policy in the Aftermath of Economic Crisis. Paper presented at the SPERI Annual Conference. 1st July.

Silverwood, J. (2014) The Role of the Global in UK Macroeconomic Orthodoxy: Challenging Accepted Notions of Economic Policy Innovation. Paper presented at the Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy Conference (McMaster University, Canada), 28th January.

Silverwood, J. (2013) Punctuated Equilibrium or Creative Consolidation? The Orthodox Paradigm in the UK Economy. Paper presented at the PSA 63rd Annual International Conference. 27th March.

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