A new seminar series co-hosted by Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) in Lincoln will explore the wellbeing of cancer carers.

The BPS funded Seminar Series ‘The psychological and physical wellbeing of cancer carers: how much do we (not) care?’ will take place at BGU and Loughborough University next year.

The seminars offer the opportunity to identify and discuss current issues relating to how a diagnosis of cancer might affect carers’ physical and psychological wellbeing.

The aim of the series is to explore current challenges and implications for improving carers’ situations and to provide recommendations for service provision.

By bringing together experts (researchers, academics, healthcare policy makers, representatives of patient organisations and family practitioners), diagnosed patients and carers, the hope is to build up a network that would facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise.

The first seminars will be hosted at BGU in Lincoln on 23 January 2018. The seminars will focus on three strands: (i) identifying gaps in our current knowledge of cancer survivorship that hinder moving quickly from research to practical action; (ii) better understanding of the interplay between work, health and wellbeing of cancer carers and (iii) exploration of challenges, decisions and knowledge gaps in how families support the treatment process and balance care and work responsibilities.

The second set of seminars will be held at Loughborough University in July 2018 and will look at: (i) how carers manage stress and fatigue and (ii) how carers balance caring responsibilities with significant others.

Further ways in which caring responsibilities can be negotiated, so that stress and fatigue among carers can be prevented at different developmental stages will also be explored.

All interested researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers and cancer carers are invited to attend. The event is free. If you are a cancer carer or you have been diagnosed with cancer in the past and would like to attend, it may be possible for you to have your travel expenses refunded. To register for the event please email gianina.postavaru@bishopg.ac.uk.

12th December 2017