Business (Team Entrepreneurship) students from Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) in Lincoln are travelling to Finland in January.

Team entrepreneurs from all over the world will be gathering to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ‘team academy’ programme and to take part in Team 4 Learning, an international networking event with multiple workshops and inspiring business people.

The Business (Team Entrepreneurship) degree at BGU is based on a model called ‘team academy’ which was developed in Finland 25 years ago. Every team academy sets up and runs their own business.

Team Entrepreneurs at BGU run a registered company, Kinetic BGU Ltd, as part of their degree programme. Students from all three years of the course at BGU are taking part in the event in Finland.

Bethany Tidswell, Director of Kinetic BGU, said, “Team entrepreneurship is based all over the world. Finland has been the home of team academy for 25 years and they are hosting an event for every team entrepreneur.

“Therefore, we are taking the opportunity to connect, network, learn and experience the businesses that have been created through team academy and the inspirational people that will be joining us.”

While the BGU team are in Finland they will also be visiting a team in Tampere. They will be taking part in a ‘birth giving’, which is a business challenge to be completed as a team.

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8th December 2017