6th February 2023

The event provided an opportunity for celebration and discovery

Bishop Grosseteste University’s TESOL team welcomed in Chinese New Year with a celebration event on campus.

The event was to provide an opportunity for the Bishop Grosseteste community to learn about Chinese culture and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

All students and staff were invited to take part in the festivities, which were led by staff members and postgraduate students. Everyone attending was able to learn about the history and traditions of Chinese New Year, try their hand at speaking Mandarin, practice traditional calligraphy and create their own Chinese New Year couplets.

In addition to learning about the culture, attendees were also able to get creative with paper cutting, creating their own Chinese New Year decorations. They also had the chance to learn how to make traditional Chinese dumplings, which were enjoyed by all.

This successful celebration of Chinese New Year at Bishop Grosseteste University showcased the importance of cultural exploration and exchange. The staff and students who attended all appreciated the opportunity to come together and learn something new - what a great start to the Year of the Rabbit!

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