The Future Focus Mentoring Programme provides an opportunity for university students to help young people achieve their goals

Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) recently hosted a training session for its students involved in the Future Focus Mentoring Programme.

The programme – funded by LiNCHigher - connects undergraduate students with mentees from local schools. The mentors will work with a selected group of Year 10 students, who have either volunteered or been identified by the schools in advance, to help them explore their interests and goals and support their personal and academic development.

The training session was delivered by BG Futures and aimed to prepare the mentors for their role in supporting students with their employability and career management skills. They were trained in mentoring best practices, effective communication strategies, and the importance of building strong relationships with their mentees. They were also equipped with the necessary skills to guide their mentees in setting achievable goals and developing a clear plan to reach them.

The Future Focus Mentoring Programme is an important initiative that demonstrates Bishop Grosseteste University’s commitment to supporting the local community and helping young people achieve their goals. It provides an excellent opportunity for university students to make a difference in the lives of young people, develop their own skills, and gain valuable experience in mentoring and leadership.

This marks the start of an exciting journey for the mentors and the mentees, who will work together over the next few months to achieve their goals and build a brighter future. The university is confident that the mentoring programme will make a lasting impact on the lives of all involved, and it is looking forward to reporting the results of the programme in the future.

To find out more about the Future Focus Mentoring Programme, please contact and

10th February 2023

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