“It was a regular day at school back in 7th grade in Pakistan, when a career counsellor stepped into our classroom and handed us little booklets about universities abroad and various information about higher education.

While most of my classmates threw the booklets away, I was instantly intrigued. I kept that purple booklet and went through it over and over again. Getting borderline obsessed with the ‘personality quiz’ and ‘which field of study is best for you?’ quizzes!

It was then and there that I decided that I will travel abroad to study one day!

Fast forward to February 2018 when, with no hopes at all, I casually applied for the esteemed Commonwealth Scholarship (www.cscuk.dfid.gov.uk), submitted my application to the Master's in Education with TESOL program at Bishop Grosseteste University and forgot about it. To my absolute amazement, I not only received the acceptance to BGU, but I was nominated for the scholarship as well! Lo and behold, in August 2018, I was granted the complete acceptance to partake in the unforgettable journey of travelling 3,857 miles to the absolute beauty of Lincoln!

I came to BGU in September 2018 and, although my time here is nearing its end, what an unforgettable time it has been. From my extremely supportive professors, to the never ending available resources, down to the yummiest cakes I will ever have at Curiositea (BGU’s on campus coffee shop); it has indeed been a fulfilling journey!

BGU may not be a widely known university around the world, but it definitely is underrated. I have witnessed some of the finest teaching staff and resources that are on par with any other renowned university.

Throughout my time here, I was bound to compare everything to my home country, and both have their own positives and negatives. But coming to BGU has truly been a wholesome experience for me. I was never used to buying my own groceries or living on my own. Even walking to university was a huge change.

I rode buses and trains to commute for the first time in my life and every look from my window seemed like a scenery painted by prodigious artist. My peers still laugh when I take pictures of the lush green fields and cows. They will never understand my appreciation for the beauty that nature is.

Despite coming from so far and having a different English language accent than the people around me, I was accepted for who I am and have been offered not one but two student ambassador positions. This was unexpected as I was of the view that international students may not be considered but I was mistaken.

I cannot recommend this university enough as it has given me an unforgettable year of my life that I will take with me to my home country.”

If you’re interested in following in Iman’s footsteps you can find more information on our MA in Education with TESOL course by visiting our website, talking to our Enquiries Team or joining us on one of our Open Days.

28th May 2019

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