Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) has announced a proposal to change the institution’s name to Lincoln Bishop University.

The proposed name change aligns with BGU's strategic plan to better represent its location in the historic city of Lincoln and emphasises the institution’s dedication to serving its communities.

Throughout the consultation process, BGU engaged with over 600 stakeholders, including staff, current students, prospective students, alumni, and representatives from local schools and colleges.

Interim Vice-Chancellor Professor Karen Stanton said: "As an institution with a rich history of evolution and adaptation, Bishop Grosseteste University has undergone multiple name changes over the years.

“The proposed transformation to Lincoln Bishop University marks yet another significant chapter in our journey of growth and development, ensuring that our institution remains responsive to the evolving needs of our community and the ever-changing landscape of Higher Education.

“‘Lincoln Bishop University’ underscores our ongoing commitment to delivering a transformative educational experience while honouring our heritage and ties to Lincoln.

“During this process, I have enjoyed productive and positive conversations with the Principal of Lincoln College and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lincoln. I am assured that both institutions are keen to work in collaboration and continue to enhance the provision of Higher Education in Lincoln.

“We’re grateful for the input and feedback from our stakeholders, who played a crucial role in informing our decision to propose the name change.”

The proposed name change will be submitted to the Office for Students (OfS) in April 2024.

27th March 2024

Questions you may have

The proposed new name was chosen after careful consideration and extensive consultation with various stakeholders, including students, staff, alumni, and community members. It reflects the University's commitment to its location and community.

We acknowledge and celebrate our heritage, and this is just one of the reasons we opted to keep 'Bishop' in our proposed new name.

Throughout our history, we've undergone multiple name changes. When the institution was first founded in 1862, it was originally named Lincoln Diocesan Training School for Mistresses, which was later changed to Lincoln Diocesan Training College. It wasn't until 100 years after its inception that the institution first used the Bishop's name. It was renamed Bishop Grosseteste College in 1962. The institution's name underwent two more changes in recent history in 2006 and 2012.

For the first 100 years of its existence, the word 'Lincoln' stood at the forefront of our name and we're now proposing we re-establish this part of our history.

The name change is subject to approval by the Office for Students (OfS). If approved, the university aims to implement the new name, Lincoln Bishop University, in a timely manner following the necessary regulatory processes.

No, there will be no disruption to our students' experience, and we will continue to review this consideration as a priority.

No, the University's programmes and courses would not be affected by the proposed name change. The same high-quality education and academic offerings would continue to be provided under the new name.

This will depend on the timings of any change. We will review this once we receive feedback from the OfS on the application.

The proposed name change would not affect Student Finance applications.

If we receive approval for the name change, we will be reviewing all impacts. Email addresses would be likely to change at some point, but we will keep you informed on any significant changes to minimise any disruption to accessing online resources.

Yes, of course. Your academic achievements and qualifications remain unchanged.

We are proud of our Anglican heritage and are ensuring that we continue to deliver against the strong values that the University has always operated with.

Yes, should the name change be approved, the University's branding and visual identity will be updated to reflect the new name, Lincoln Bishop University. This may include changes to logos, signage, and marketing materials over time.

Yes, the University will support the Students’ Union in updating its own brand to reflect the change, if the proposed name is approved.

The University will continue to communicate updates regarding any name change through various channels, including official announcements, website updates, social media, and direct communication with stakeholders.

Please note, these answers will be updated when more information becomes available.

Last updated: 28/03/2024