16th September 2019

Dr Abigail Parrish, Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Development, recently delivered an online seminar for participants at a research workshop organised by the Institute of English Language and Literature at the University of Sindh in Pakistan. Abigail’s session looked at Self-Determination Theory and motivation to learn English, drawing on her research interests, and giving participants chance to think about how they could apply what they learned in their own classrooms. It was attended by 35 participants, the head of the English department and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sindh. One participant noted that the workshop was: "Rich in content and valuable in creating better understanding of the topics that were discussed, there should be more such events as it was a great learning opportunity" This feedback was also shared by the organiser, Dr Ghazal Kazim Syed, who reported that both the head of department and vice chancellor had been very impressed particularly with Abigail's commitment, professionalism and positive attitude to learning. Abigail has been invited to deliver another seminar for undergraduate and postgraduate students at a later date. James Duke, Digital Learning Developer at BGU, facilitated the online delivery of the session, providing invaluable support and advice to ensure it ran smoothly. You can read more about Abigail’s research into student motivation here: Abigail Parrish & Ursula Lanvers (2019). Student motivation, school policy choices and modern language study in England. The Language Learning Journal, 47:3, 281-298. DOI: 10.1080/09571736.2018.1508305 BGU have a global outlook on education, and our courses offer unprecedented opportunities to travel and teach. Our professionally focused educational courses are perfect for learners both within and looking to join the teaching profession. To find out how they can benefit you visit our website or contact our Enquiries Team for more information.