11th October 2018

As part of the international celebration week for the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Sibylle Erle, Reader in English Literature at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), and colleagues from the University of Lincoln (UoL) will speak on the reception and critical actuality of Shelley's novel in 1818 and contemporary dramatic responses.

The event will take place in the University of Lincoln Library and start at 6pm on 23 October 2018. It includes two talks; ‘Adaptions of Liveness in Theatrical Productions of Frankenstein’ led by Kelly Jones from UoL before 'It’s Alive!' is delivered by Sibylle.

Following the talks attendees will be able to enjoy a showing of a silent movie production of Frankenstein from 1910 after which UoL’s Andy Jordan will close out the event with a round table discussion on ‘The Currency of Shelley’s Frankenstein Today’.

The celebrations will then continue at BGU on the 31st of October as Sibylle will lead a public reading of Shelley’s novel in the BGU Chapel.

For more information or to register for any of these events please email sibylle.erle@bishopg.ac.uk and if you have it please bring the Oxford World’s Classics Edition of the 1818 text (although this is not essential).

You can find more information on this and all the exciting activities planned at BGU on our website.