How to use this service

Your final personal timetable will be available once you are fully enrolled and you will be able to have this information sent to your phone and other devices. Please speak to someone in IT in the Enrolment Marketplace and we can help you set this up.

The provisional timetables are subject to change (as per the information on the site) and will be updated as changes are made, but they are there to provide an indicative guide to enrolling students as to the days they may be expected to attend.

Your provisional timetables with information about days and timetabled slots are available here.

Finding your course

There are two search bars above the calendar - Type and Resource

  • Click on the dropdown arrow on the Type box and select Programs from the bottom of the list
  • Click in the Resource box to begin searching for your program of study
  • Begin by typing BA (for BA Hons) or BS (for BSc Hons) then scroll down the list to find your program and click on it
  • For Post Graduate programs type MA or MSC
  • For Postgraduate Teaching programs type post

If you are beginning your Foundation Year at BGU, follow these steps;

  • Click on the dropdown arrow for Type and select Groups
  • Click in the Resource box and type Fdy select the group that you have been allocated (A-G)

The timetable for your course will then be displayed on the calendar below.

Navigating the calendar

Use the <> arrows next to Today on the left-hand side above the calendar to scroll through the months (almost all programs start at the end of September).

Click on the coloured boxes on the calendar to open more details (shown in the left-hand margin).

A key to what the coloured boxes represent is provided at the bottom of the calendar.

IMPORTANT - The program timetables displayed on the calendar are generic timetables and will show multiple sessions where your cohort is split into more than one study group. Once you are fully enrolled and have been allocated to a specific group you will then automatically receive a personalised academic timetable in your BGU Outlook calendar. This will be in early October shortly after your program begins.

Contact us

If you have enquiries regards your timetable, please contact If you require Help with your IT, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

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