Gain the skills, confidence and resilience you need to embark on new ventures, spot opportunities and create positive change for yourself and the community.

How can being enterprising help me succeed?

Being Enterprising will support you to see the world through new eyes by developing your confidence, courage, creativity, and self-worth.

What opportunities are there for me to be enterprising?

  1. Become a member of the BGU Enterprise Club
  2. Join the Enactus BGU Lincoln team
  3. Trade/ perform/ assist The Lincoln Teenage Market
  4. Partake in Global Entrepreneurship Week
  5. Take part in the ‘Tenner Challenge’
  6. Attend a 1:1 enterprise guidance appointment with BG Futures
  7. Pitch for start-up/ idea development funding
  8. Start your own business
  9. Become an SU society executive
Being Enterprising