You will be offered the skills to participate confidently, responsibly, and imaginatively in a much wider world.

How will becoming a Global Citizen help me succeed?

Becoming a Global Citizen will help you understand and engage appropriately with the global context in which you live, study, and work.

What opportunities are there for me to become a Global Citizen?

  1. Accessing, utilising and fundraising for the BGU Foundation Fund
  2. Attending the BGU Global Conference
  3. Undertaking the BG Volunteering Award
  4. Exploring a variety of opportunities for international travel and service learning
  5. Becoming a Student Chaplaincy Worker
  6. Participating in local Philosophy Caf├ęs to explore major ethical questions
  7. Set up a political SU society/club
  8. Join a political party locally
  9. Volunteer to be an Observer at the Annual Conference of the National Union Students
Global Citizenship