BGU is committed to your personal development, and we recognise that when you complete your studies with us, you want to be empowered with skills and attributes to take out into the wider world. Graduate Attributes gives you this opportunity.

We know the world is changing. Increased competition for jobs and high expectations in all areas of our lives mean that, alongside your degree, you will want to develop personal skills to succeed in the world. You will also need to be able to evidence these skills, some of which you may already have.

Developing yourself as a person will give you the confidence in your own talents to reach your potential in whatever area of life you choose. Deciding on the skills that you want to enhance is a great starting point, and can help you understand the qualities that employers are asking for. To help you get ahead, the Graduate Attributes Excellence Award has been designed to support you in further developing the skills and recognising where you already do them.

Each Graduate Attribute is designed to support you in gaining skills which will set you apart. These are embedded in your degree programmes, but to gain the Excellence Award you can choose to undertake a series of additional activities.

The Excellence Award will help you to:

  • Enhance your personal development by gaining new skills
  • Be recognised for your achievements
  • Participate in activities, meet new people and have fun!

You can get your Graduate Attributes journey started by booking a 1:1 with our team using the form below