Dr Sunny Dhillon


Prior to joining the Education Studies team in November 2021, Sunny spent five years as a learning developer at the University of Leeds, as well as at BGU, where he also worked as a Visiting Tutor in the Theology, Ethics and Society department. Sunny conducted his doctoral research through the Philosophy department at Cardiff University, focussing on the concept of utopia through the works of Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Ernst Bloch and Theodor W. Adorno. Owing to his background in Continental Philosophy, combined with Critical Pedagogy, he is well-placed to help students critically investigate the ostensibly virtuous practice(s) of formal education.

Sunny’s research interests include Critical Theory (The Frankfurt School), Nietzsche, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Utopia, Philosophy of Education and Critical Pedagogy. His current research projects explore the crises of liberalism as they relate to the practices of HE in the UK, and the role of gameplay and satire as potential responses to this context.

Office number: Skinner 119

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6632-701X

Blog: https://dsdhillon.medium.com/

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PhD Philosophy – Cardiff University (2020)

Fellowship of Advance HE (2019)

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Certified Practitioner (2017)

Trinity Cert-TESOL – TEFL Lab, London (2014)

MA Ethics and Social Philosophy – Cardiff University (2010)

BA Spanish – Cardiff University (2009)

Professional Recognition

Blog editor for the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (since 2024)

Guest editor for the International Society for Research on Solitude (2024)

Co-editor of Solertia (Bishop Grosseteste University student journal) (since 2022)


Member of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

Member of the Sikh Academics and Researchers Network

Member of the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education

Peer-reviewed journal articles

‘Confronting well-being and mental health in the therapeutic university: Implications for educators, students and the curriculum’ (co-authored with Dr Clare Rawdin), Studies in Higher Education (2024), 1 – 12. https://doi.org/10.1080/03075079.2024.2337805

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Book chapters

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Non-peer-reviewed articles

Revolver and Nietzschean Self-War’, Philosophy Now, Issue 119, April/May 2017

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Online articles/blogs

Sikh Panjabi Scholars (curator and editor) https://medium.com/@sikh.panjabi.scholars

‘Life was a constant struggle, a battle for survival’ Asia Samachar (18 November 2023).

Rethinking – and maybe abolishing – graduations’, WONKHE (21 June, 2023)

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Decolonisation isn’t as simple as many people think’, WONKHE (21 February, 2020)

Book reviews

Xenofeminism‘, Philosophy Now, Issue 141, Dec 2020/Jan 2021

To Be Born: Genesis of a New Human Being’, Philosophy Now, Issue 128, Oct/Nov 2018

Podcast interviews

Applying game theory to education - time to play a different game? (Education Masterclass, October 2023)

Whose wellbeing is it anyway? (Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Podcast, September 2022).

‘A gentle dissolve: knowledge, wisdom and letting go’, International Society for Research on Solitude Conference, Bishop Grosseteste University, April 2024.

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