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A senior lecturer from Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) in Lincoln has edited a new book on autism.

Dr Maria Efstratopoulou, Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs & Inclusion at BGU, launched her new book ‘The Enigma of Autism: Genius, Disability, or Just Different?’ at an event on campus this week.

‘The Enigma of Autism‘ is intended to serve as a resource for everyone who is dedicated not only to research but also to the education and wellbeing of children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum.

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The book presents the latest research findings in the field and provides coping strategies for professionals working with students with Autism in special education or mainstream settings.

It is not only a research textbook for researchers and professionals but also aims to serve as a user-friendly guide and resource for the families who have a child in the Spectrum.

Other contributors to the book from BGU are Dr Julia Lindley Baker who has written a chapter on strategies to cope and Dr Graham Basten who has written the foreword.

‘The Enigma of Autism: Genius, Disability, or Just Different?’ by Dr Maria Efstratopoulou was published in 2017 by Nova Sciences, New York.

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10th November 2017