23rd January 2019

The article discusses how the definition of Special Educational Needs can be open to interpretation, leading to disparities in the implementation of the SEND Code of Practice in primary schools. Its findings build on work carried out for the MA in Education module 'Public Policy & Professional Practice’ led by Dr Abigail Parrish.

As Head of School at The Sir Donald Bailey Academy, Louise has first-hand experience of the impact of this. Discussing the publication, and how her MA course helped shape her research, Louise said:

“Undertaking the MA has enabled me to research and explore areas of interest. As a result, I have been able to improve my understanding and develop my critical engagement. More importantly, I have been able apply the findings of my research to improve policy and practice within my role as an educator.

"Although it has been a challenge in terms of finding the time, I have thoroughly enjoyed my MA so far and have found it really rewarding. I would recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their education as it gives you the tools and support to research areas of interest, which can also have a direct impact on your day to day role.

"I would never have dreamed of considering having my work published before undertaking the MA. The guidance and positive feedback from the staff at BGU, including Abigail and programme leader Dr Yvonne Hill, gave me the support and confidence to think that this could be a possibility”

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