Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) student Daniel Kuu-Erah who is studying an MA in Education and TESOL, recently received a GREAT Scholarship funded by the British Council and the UK Government’s GREAT British Campaign to study at BGU! When Daniel returned from a network event held in Birmingham (Edgbaston Stadium) for all GREAT scholars, he couldn't wait to tell everyone about it.

It was an amazing programme, and an opportunity for me to meet great personalities from the UK and other parts of the world! Daniel Kuu-Erah

Sophie Hadfield who is the BGU International Support Officer said:

He showed me his GREAT Scholarship certificate and told me about the inspiring former GREAT scholars he met, as well as several dignitaries. As he progresses his dissertation, Daniel continues to consider his future next steps – he has been applying to undertake a PhD specialising in linguistic discourse analysis.

Daniel is keen to see further promotion of BGU in Ghana as he would like other potential students benefit from the same positive educational experience he has received so far from BGU.

24th June 2024

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