Lincolnshire Open Research and Innovation Centre (LORIC) is undertaking some market research for Complete Careers LLP, with regards to raising aspirations, embedding skills and knowledge related to self awareness, awareness of opportunities, decision making, career planning and employability skills within both the primary and secondary school curriculums.

They have recently sent out short surveys to all Primary and Secondary schools in Greater Lincolnshire to obtain some qualitative data on the awareness and potential utilisation of the Career Mark approach to the national Quality in Careers Standard which accredits good practice in education in raising aspirations and helping learners to understand and prepare for their futures.

One of the surveys is aimed at Primary schools and aims to garner feedback about the 'Career Mark Primary Award'. The other two surveys are aimed at Secondary Schools to look at the reasons why some schools are successfully engaging with the Career Mark approach whilst others haven't adopted it as yet. The surveys take approx. 5 minutes to complete.

Your honest feedback would be greatly appreciated and if you work as a Head Teacher/Deputy Head/Careers Lead in a school in Greater Lincolnshire we would value your feedback.

The surveys are due to close on Friday 10th December.

For further details and to access the most relevant survey please see below:

2nd December 2021