Bishop Grosseteste University are involved in a piece of work funded by Lincolnshire County Council and the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership to draw up a strategy for the social economy of Greater Lincolnshire.

As a part of this work, the LORIC team would like to speak to representatives from a number of local social economy organisations to gather information on their organisations, and on their experiences of working in the social economy.

Due to the varied nature of this sector, we are keen to speak to representatives from both formally constituted organisations, such as charities, mutuals and community interest companies, as well as more informal groups, such as time banks and other forms of exchange.

This research will be conducted by telephone interview and each interview is expected to last between 45mins -1hour. If your organisation would be interested in participating, please email and we will be in touch with you over the next few weeks with full details of the research project and to book an interview.

6th August 2020