BGU Rome trip

Glorious sunshine showed Rome at its best during the Theology department’s week-long visit in March/April this year.

Seventeen second and third year students joined three MA students for six days of visits to churches, museums, catacombs and other ancient sites. Savouring Italian food and ice cream, and exploring piazzas and fountains scattered throughout the city, they walked and talked and made new friends from within the family of BGU.

BGU Rome trip see The Pope

Working with members of All Saints Church (Anglican) and the Church of Ognissanti (Catholic), students helped to feed homeless men and women, while others offered their support for the Roma football team, and a select few visited the local Russian Orthodox Church for a Sunday morning service. The group also managed to secure front seats for a papal audience.

The Elisabettine sisters who run the hostel where they stayed were a delight, and, although language was sometimes a limitation, there was no lack of warmth and affection felt an

d expressed from both sides at the end of the trip.

One student described the visit as, “One of the most interesting experiences of my life”, while another commented, “Seeing the Pope was a once in a lifetime experience”. Thanks to all who helped to plan and support this excellent enhancement experience.

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26th April 2017