3rd December 2018

Dr Elinor Vettraino is one of four women asked to speak at the inaugural TEDx Brayford Pool Women event.

TEDWomen & TEDx Brayford Pool Women will celebrate how dynamic and diverse women across the world are showing up to face challenges head on, all while empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see.

The theme chosen for the event is 'Showing Up', a concept that has certainly resonated with Elinor:

"Showing Up is such a pertinent theme for us to be considering. For me, it is about the manner in which we show up at times when the opposite reaction is our natural choice.

"So, how do we develop the ability to be present in a situation where the very act of doing that is painful?

"It's an important lesson in resilience and one that our students in the Business and Enterprise area wrestle with all the time."

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