3rd October 2018

Along with joining in with the festivities Bishop Grosseteste Students’ Union (BGSU) hosted a stall promoting and affirming both the Union and the University’s commitment to equality and diversity for all.

The stall was to promote the service of the SU, whilst being the face of BGU students at Lincoln Pride. The Stall, run by officers from both the Welfare Hub and the Activities Hub, promoted the services offered to students and the community by BGSU and provided an opportunity for people to meet their representatives face to face.

Along with handing out freebies and advice, BGSU raised money for charity, and spoke to both students and the public about what they do. For Leanan Roisin Gunter, BGSU Gender & Sexualities Officer, the key aim for the day was to make sure that students know BGSU support them and that they should be proud of who they are:

“We felt that it's important for students to see that they have a group of people who are there for them and can stand there proudly to say they are LGBTQ+ students.

“No student should ever feel alone which taking part in pride allows us to show that we will always be there for our students.”

You can find more information on the all the activities being carried out by BGSU as well as how to get involved on their website.