By Cassie Rainey, BG Futures

Complete Careers LLP is a partnership of careers professionals with over four decades of experience from a diverse range of roles. Janet Hutchinson, a partner of Complete Careers, took some time out of her busy day to talk to me about what Complete Careers do, her journey, and how being a Tenant at BG Futures Business & Enterprise Centre has benefitted their thriving business.

Originally a Secondary school teacher in English and Maths, Janet’s career originates in education. Janet then moved on to a pastoral care role, then Head of Sixth Form. With the wealth of experience gained in these positions, Janet went on to work for careers companies like Connexions; a Department for Education funded independent service whose responsibilities included providing support for careers education in schools.

With the introduction of the Education Act in 2011, schools became responsible for funding and providing careers education. Janet noted that “although public funding for careers education in schools stopped, the demand for these services did not.” Janet and her colleagues began to offer careers services privately to schools, taking advantage of adversity and developing a profile as trusted careers professionals.

After spending her whole career employed, Janet found the change of mindset from being an employee and working to a job description, to identifying what needs to be done, working out ways to take the responsibility to source work a challenging adjustment. However, three years down the line Janet has overcome these and many other challenges as an entrepreneur and developed “a thriving, growing company which is beginning to consider hiring employees.”

Being a BG Futures Tenant has given Janet and Complete Careers partner John Ambrose the opportunity to network and make great connections with people in a similar field (such as LiNCHigher), boosting their business growth and profile in the careers industry.

If you’d like to see what support Complete Careers can offer you, visit their website:

6th September 2018