The 2020-2021 NSS and BGUSSS surveys closed at the end of April 2021 and we would like to express a big thank you to all those who took part. Over three-quarters of final year students completed the NSS which was really positive given the survey had to be administered remotely due to the pandemic.

Participants who completed either the NSS or BGUSSS surveys were entered into an annual random online prize draw to win an iPad and we are delighted to announce this year's winners were, Isobel Holmes (NSS) and Nicole-Leanne Davenport (BGUSSS).

Nicole was delighted when we announced she was an iPad winner and commented “I think it’s so important for us all to vote, to give us a chance to get our voices heard on the things that are important within BGU, by voting we are making an even better university experience for ourselves!”.

Isobel Holmes pictured below stated "Completing the NSS is so important as it allows our voices as students to be heard and by talking about our journey, we are helping to improve future experiences for others".

For every BGUSSS survey completion, £1 was donated and split to support two charities. 470 surveys were submitted and we are delighted to inform you that £235 has been donated to the Bishop Grosseteste Students’ Union and £235 is being donated to the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust which supports young people suffering with mental health issues. A further £100 was donated to the Performing Arts Society as they were mentioned the most as a society during Survey Week which took place in January 2021.

The BGUSS data is now being analysed and we will receive the NSS results for the start of July. These results will then feed into our annual monitoring processes at University and subject level and be used to enhance the student experience which we will report on in the autumn. Information on the outcomes both surveys will be displayed at

Once again, thank you to all who took the time to give their views in the surveys. Your input is key to shaping improvements within the Bishop Grosseteste University learning community.