National Student Survey

Are you an undergraduate student in your final year? The National Student Survey (NSS) is your chance to feedback on your student experience during your time here at university. It’s an independently run survey asking final year undergraduate students across the country about their time at university. Your opinions are anonymous and ask you to reflect on what you liked about your course and what you think we could do to improve things here at Bishop Grosseteste.

To help prospective students make informed decisions of where and what to study, the analysis from the survey is made publicly available. Your voice is hugely important and could help to shape the future of your course and university.

You can access the NSS here.

BGU Student Satisfaction Survey

All students can have their voice heard by completing our very own BGU Student Satisfaction Survey (known as ‘bee-gus’). The survey is done annually and students can rate their satisfaction with all aspects of life at BGU. Although you will be asked to submit your student number to access the survey (use it as both your username and password), rest assured it is also anonymous and data is cleansed from the system once it has been collated and analysed. Please note, once the BGUSSS is completed it cannot be amended at a future date!

You will have been sent a survey invitation email directly from ‘BISHOPG’ to complete the BGUSSS It should take 10-20 minutes.

You can access the BGUSSS here.

Why should you take part?

The University values and considers all feedback given by its students and this is your opportunity to shape how things work in your learning community.

  • Help to make a difference to Bishop Grosseteste.
  • Have your voice heard anonymously.
  • It takes 10 minutes to complete.
  • NSS entries will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win up to £150 reimbursement towards graduation costs.
  • BGUSSS entries will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a £50 One4all voucher. The winners will be announced 13th May 2024.

The NSS and BGSSS is open from the 29th January until 30th April 2024.


What happens next?

Once NSS results are available, they are published on Unistats, the official website that helps students make an informed choice about choosing which university to apply to. NSS results are also published in national newspapers’, university league tables and the University will communicate the results internally to staff and students.

NSS and BGUSSS results are also considered at University level and are used to inform the University’s strategic planning processes. Each autumn, we produce a summary document reviewing the findings of both surveys, outlining key information and detailing how we plan to improve in key areas.

The 2022/23 Summary and Response Document can be viewed by clicking here

If you would like any further information, read our FAQs below or contact:


Tell Us Now

This is your chance to make a positive impact on university life at BGU. We want to know how you think we can change things for the better, so take a look around and tell us your ideas for improving facilities, systems, services, resources, communications, or the campus environment in general. This is not about your course, which gets reviewed separately, but about the wider world of BGU.

Click here to complete the survey.


You need to be a final year student to participate in the NSS so you will need to complete an eligibility check by providing your full name and date of birth, as well as your student ID number.

Once we have analysed the responses from both the NSS and BGUSSS we can draw conclusions regarding how we are doing. Here are some key departmental changes that have been made as a result of last year's results.

Yes, both the surveys are anonymous. BGU receives no information about which students have completed the NSS survey. Whilst student numbers are used on the BGUSSS this is only to pre-populate some fields so you don’t have to, for example what course you are on.

For the NSS the University is required to pass details onto Ipsos who collate all the survey information. Your data is only used for the survey and removed from their systems as soon as the survey is over.

For the BGUSSS, your data is held on our internal systems only whilst we collate and analyse the survey data. We destroy your data after the survey results have been analysed.

You could be contacted by Ipsos up to 9pm at night by telephone as well as email. Timings regarding the NSS are under the external control of Ipsos and not BGU. CELT may e-mail you reminders to complete the BGUSSS and/or contact you to invite you to events where you will be asked to complete the BGUSSS.

A few students in their final year may not be able to complete the NSS survey this may be because:-

1. You are on a top-up year, you will have been eligible to complete the NSS in the final year of your Foundation Degree.
2. You intercalated previously, you might already have been eligible to complete the NSS whilst you were intercalated.

In either case, please complete BGUSSS instead as your views are still very important to us at an institutional level.

If you are currently intercalated you may be eligible – if so, this will be your only opportunity to complete the NSS

Please complete both NSS and BGUSSS.