Return to Learning

The latest Government guidance is that certain subjects can begin to return to blended learning, including in-person sessions on campus, from the 8th of March. In response to this we’ve been working with Programme Leaders to highlight which courses can return and how delivery will work.

Most programmes will continue to be delivered via remote learning until we receive updated guidance from the Government. We expect this to be after the Easter holiday.

When is my subject returning to campus?

The tabs below show when subject specific sessions will resume for in-person learning. We will continue to add subjects to this list in line with Government guidance.

If you are a joint honours student your subjects they may restart at different times. If a subject is not listed below then it will be continuing to use online delivery until Government guidance is updated.

Specific timetable details will be provided next week so you know which times and days of the week you need to attend campus.

Please use the list below if you are unsure what course level you are currently on:

  • Level 4 - First Year Students
  • Level 5 - Second Year Students
  • Level 6 - Final Year Students

The below table highlights when Drama modules will begin teaching activities.

Drama - undergraduate

From w/c 8th March 2021

Level 5

All second year students, both single hons and joints* for DRC236 DRC235, DRM237 & DRM236

Level 6

Only third year BA Hons Drama students studying module DRM334 Intercultural Performance Practice

From w/c 15th March 2021

Level 4

All first year students, both single hons programmes and joints* for DRA136 and DRA138.

For all other drama modules not specified above, delivery will continue to be through remote on-line learning until at least the Easter vacation.

* For students taking these drama modules in a joint honours programme, please note that the other half subject of your programme will not be delivering sessions in-person on campus and will only be delivering them on-line.

Health and Social Care - undergraduate

From wb 8th March 2021

Level 4

Students studying HSC40320 and HSC40420

Level 5

Students studying HSC214

For all other Health and Social Care modules (including those at Level 6) not specified above, delivery will continue to be through remote on-line learning until at least the Easter vacation.

MA Health and Social Care Leadership - postgraduate

From w/c 8th March 2021

Students studying HSC715 and HS717

Safely Returning to Campus

Please ensure you read the following guidance on how to ensure your return to campus is safe.

Health & Safety on Campus and Lateral Flow Testing

If you are required to return to campus for in-person learning during March, the Department for Education have provided guidelines, which include:

  • Students are expected to test before they travel back to university, where community testing facilities are available to them.
  • Students, when they arrive back on-campus are also encouraged to undertake:
    • two lateral flow tests before restarting in person sessions;
    • twice weekly testing.
  • Once students have returned to their term-time accommodation they must remain living there unless an exemption to the national restrictions on leaving home and gatherings applies. They must only travel home where they have a legally permitted reason to do so.
  • International students (including Erasmus+ or other exchange students) who are not already on campus should follow the guidance on new and returning students from overseas section of this guidance. BGU’s International Office can provide guidance and support.

BGU will be offering twice weekly testing to all students and staff on campus. This will be taking place in the SU building in room 3DY and can be booked by clicking here. Testing is expected I would strongly encourage any on campus to make use of it to help maintain the safety of our community.

Safety measures across campus, including one-way systems, sanitiser dispensers and distanced classrooms will remain in effect. For full details on these see the video on our Working Together webpage.


If you will be returning to on-campus accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Team at to arrange an arrival slot.

Ongoing Academic Support

  • The BGU Learning Fund can provide discretionary financial assistance to students experiencing hardship or for digital IT support arising from the COVID-19 situation .
  • The University’s normal Codes of Practice can be used for students finding it difficult to complete their studies because of their individual circumstances:
    • Initially, if there is a short-term impact on studies, extensions to assessment deadlines can be submitted – the Extension Request form is available on the student portal.
    • If you are within 24 hours of an assessment submission you can complete and submit an extenuating circumstances form (see the Code of Practice for Extenuating Circumstances).
    • Longer term impacts on you as an individual should be discussed with your Programme Leader in the first instance in respect of a possible Support to Study Plan.
  • Extension requests made in response to the impact of COVID on studies can be self-certificated.
  • For modules not passed on the first attempt (the assessment has to be attempted) the failed grade will be set-a-side and the assessment reattempted as for the first time providing the opportunity for the full range of grades to be achieved. Normally, a successful extenuating circumstance claim would have to have been submitted to allow resubmission of an assessment as a first attempt and not have the grade capped at a pass. This will not be required this semester.
  • Students who pass a module but consider their performance on the assessment to have been adversely affected by extenuating circumstances may request the pass grade to be set-a-side and the assessment reattempted. However, it should be noted that the grade achieved at the second attempt may result in a lower grade than the original attempt. Requests need to be submitted using the Extenuating Circumstances form. We are aware that students may find it difficult to obtain medical evidence this year. Students are, therefore, asked to supply evidence available to them and give a detailed account of the relevant circumstances. Panels will suspend the need for the usual standards of evidence where the case presented amounts to a compelling account of impact on the student’s ability to study or take assessments.
  • The normal referral fee for all referral attempts for modules not passed in 2020/21 will not be charged.
  • For those degrees being completed this year and which use grades from the 2019/20 in the final degree classification, the already adjusted modules grades from 2019/20 under the ‘no detriment’ policy at the time will be included when calculating degree classifications.


If the Government has indicated that your course can restart blended learning, you can return to your Lincoln residence in advance of your start date. If you live in on-campus halls please contact the Accommodation team ( to make them aware of when you plan to return.

You should not return to your Lincoln residence if your course has not been given a return date unless you have a specific person or technological need. If you do need to return you will not be able to travel back to your non-Lincoln residence until travel restrictions are raised.

Yes, campus facilities, excluding the Sports & Fitness Centre, remain open to those on site.

Yes, we would advise you where possible to arrange your tests in advance your sessions start back.

Yes, while testing is available you can arrange as many tests as you want.

You will be informed when you take the test if it has come back positive. You will need to self-isolate in line with Government guidance and we would ask you to notify BGU via our Declaration form so that we may support you.

No, testing is voluntary but we would strongly encourage all members of our community to make use of them while they are available to keep themselves and others safe.

Yes, testing is voluntary but we'd encourage you to get tested for your own safety as well as that of your peers.

If you've had your first lateral flow test, and it has returned a negative result, you can attend sessions while you wait for your second test. Please ensure you observe social distancing and all safety rules during this period.

Advice from LNER on travelling back to campus

It is recommended that students wishing to use LNER services in the new year should aim to travel between Mondays and Wednesdays when our trains are quieter and less affected by engineering works.

To ensure all passengers can have a seat, reservations remain mandatory on all LNER services.

More information is available on dedicated webpage at

International students returning from abroad will need to follow the Government guidance on safe travel and isolation after travel. Please make aware of your travel plans to ensure that appropriate support is available.