Disclosure of Carer Status

The University actively encourages students to disclose their Carer Status using the opportunity on the UCAS application form or during the enrolment process. Forms are available from Student Advice.

Support Package

Support Plan

Due to the unpredictable nature and demands of caring roles, students may be provided with a Carers Support Plan that provides leeway in relation to assignment deadlines, tutor contact and attendance but not exams

The plan may consider or suggest adjustments but will not make recommendations around placement support, international visits, field trips or residential requirements as we recognise that these may be difficult to put in place.

You may require a Parking Permit in order to ensure you can meet your caring responsibilities. If so please contact Student Advice for more information.

Financial Support

BGU Learning Fund

Student Carers are recognised as a Priority Group for the BGU Learning Fund. The BGU Learning Fund provides discretionary assistance to students to help them access and remain in Higher Education. For more information, please contact Student Advice

BGU Bursary

Additional funding may be available through the Bursary if you are a Carer. Please contact Student Advice for more information.

Please note if you are a carer in receipt of Carers’ Allowance you will be unable to continue claiming this support when in full time studies at university. Other benefits may also be affected by full time funding.


The evidence that is needed to enable an adviser to write a support plan for you whilst at university must document the caring role of the student not the condition of the person being cared for:

  • A letter from a Doctor or Consultant detailing he caring role
  • A local authority carer assessment
  • A letter from a Carers Centre
  • DWP correspondence regarding withdrawal of Carers Allowance due to starting University
  • A solicitors letter

Carers First

Support for carers living in Lincolnshire is coordinated by Carers First. You can contact them directly for a ‘carers assessment’ to help identify your needs and the support available to assist you. You have the option of contacting them directly (by phone) or by using their online support tool. You can access their services here.

Registering for support with Carers First can help you obtain evidence of your caring responsibilities, which you can then use to apply for the BGU Carer’s Bursary.

BGU Carers’ Project

The Carers’ Project brings together a wide range of groups from across the University to provide support to student and staff carers. The project has created a wide range of new policies, procedures, events and resources for carers, including regular ‘Carers’ Cafés’, picnics and BBQs. Resources include a ‘fun flip’ support tool and the introduction of a Carers Champion pin badge system. There are plans to introduce a ‘Carers’ Passport’, which will allow carers to quickly and confidentially provide lecturers and employers with details of their individual responsibilities.

We understand that by being a carer, you develop a myriad of important skills and attributes, so students with caring responsibilities can use up to 25% of their caring hours towards the Graduate Attributes Excellence Award (this will be discussed and agreed at your induction for the Award). Find out more about the Graduate Attributes Excellence Award here.

In recognition of BGU’s outstanding support for carers at the University, our Health and Social Care programme team and Carer’s Project have been accredited with the Lincolnshire Carers Quality Award. The goal of the Carers Quality Award is to ensure the profile of unpaid carers in Lincolnshire is raised and the invaluable and essential contribution they make is recognised. Obtaining the awards shows that BGU demonstrates it understands the importance and efforts of carers and provides necessary support.


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