Volunteering is a great way to develop yourself personally and professionally, whilst giving back to the community. At BGU we have contacts with some great volunteering organisations that offer a range of opportunities from wildlife conservation to digital communications. We also have some brilliant volunteering opportunities right here on campus, so you can make the most of your time at BGU.

Volunteering roles are largely flexible and can fit around your studies.
Taking part in volunteering can contribute to both the Graduate Attributes Excellence and Volunteering Awards.

On Campus Opportunities

By volunteering with the Chaplaincy team, you’ll be involved in things that you will be able to put on your CV or add to your entrance for the Graduate Attributes Excellence Award & Volunteering Award

  • Helping to plan Chaplaincy events and trips – your input will be taken very seriously because we want to lay on events and trips that will attract students. We don’t expect volunteers to be able to attend every planning meeting – we always expect your academic commitments to come first.
  • Participating in Chaplaincy events and trips and encouraging your friends to do the same. If you go on trips or attend an event where there’s travel or entrance costs, the Chaplaincy will pay for you – you go free of charge!
  • Wearing a Chaplaincy polo shirt and/or hoodie which you will be given free of charge.

There is NO expectation that you must have any religious affiliation or participate in religious activities as a Chaplaincy Volunteer. All that is expected of you is a willingness to work with fellow students irrespective of their religious affiliation – and whether or not they have a religious affiliation.

Why should I get involved?:

“Volunteering with the Chaplaincy opened my University life to new experiences in an environment with people of all beliefs and none and from all walks of life, where the focus was on making meaningful connections and being there for students and staff”

Olivia – Student Volunteer

Website: https://www.bgu.ac.uk/student/student-advice/chaplaincy

How to Apply:

You can apply to volunteer with the Chaplaincy team by emailing Peter Green, Dean of Chapel, chaplaincy@bishopg.ac.uk

There is no cut-off date.

Details TBC