University Degrees Degree / Professional Qualification Certificates

Upon completion of your programme and after your degree or professional qualification has been conferred at your ceremony, you will receive your certificate.

You will also receive a final transcript or diploma supplement. The documents will be available for collection on the day, free of charge. If you are unable to attend your ceremony, your certificate and transcript or diploma supplement, will be posted to you to your registered permanent address, in accordance with information held on our student records system. Postage takes place around eight weeks after the ceremony.

Your degree or professional qualification certificate is an educational credential and a legal document. At any given time, you should only be in possession of one. We will only issue one original to you, and do not store copies at the University. Your degree certificate will carry a unique hologram and the University’s official crest.

We advise you not to post photos of your certificate online, as the images can be used by fraudsters to create fake certificates. Your certificate will show your full name, as it appears in the University’s student records system and cannot usually be changed post graduation.

Please see our Procedure for the Issue of Duplicate Certificates or Transcripts, for more details. We advise students and graduates to maintain legal records pertaining to any name changes.

If your certificate or transcripts are lost, damaged or stolen, please contact the University’s Student Administration team at to apply for duplicates. There is a fee for this service. You can find more details in the Assessment and Awards section of our website, here.