Dr Ros Gammie

Dr Ros Gammie is a lecturer Theology specialising in medieval theology and philosophy. She received her PhD in medieval memory and confession in 2022 from the University of Leicester and has been lecturing at BGU since 2018/19. Her publications and foci of interest include medieval epistemology (2019), memories of the Crusades (2023) and the medieval folk-story of the Green Children of Woolpit (2024). Her current research focus is on manifestations of memory and trauma in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, particularly with regards to works of autobiography, and the relationship between history, memory, and space. She is also interested in the way the medieval world is treated in popular media, particularly in video games and film, and the intersectionality of medieval studies.

Dr Gammie currently teaches across a number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate modules in Theology including a History of Christianity, Women and Faith, and Religion, War, and Terrorism. Her goal is to make the medieval world accessible to students, who often encounter it for the first time as Undergraduates.

She has a BA in American Studies with History from the University of Nottingham (2012) and an MA in Medieval History from the University of York (2014).

Potential supervision topics: Medievalism in popular media/culture; medieval philosophy and theology broadly defined; collective/collected memories; memory and recollection; confession and the internal senses.


“The Coherence of Memory: Robert Grosseteste on Confession and Being Human” in Mind, Soul and Cosmos in the High Middle Ages edited by Jack P. Cunningham, Adam Foxon and Rosamund M. Gammie.

Rosamund M. Gammie, From Orleans to Arendelle: Frozen’s Elsa and Anna as Modern Day Joan(s) of Arc (book chapter in edited volume, published by Brepols).


Rosamund M. Gammie and Adam Foxon, “Extraterrestrials or Terrestrial Heretics? Being Green in the Middle Ages” Theology and Science 22 (2024)

Rosamund M. Gammie, “Visions of Damietta: St. Francis, Robert Grosseteste, and the Crusades, 1219-1253, Franciscan Studies 81 (2023)

Rosamund Gammie, “Robert Grosseteste on Eudaimonia, Happiness and Learning: why the Nicomachean Ethics may be useful,” in Robert Grosseteste and Theories of Education. The Ordered Human edited by Jack P. Cunningham and Steven Puttick (London: Routledge, 2019).

“From Devotional to Territorial: 300 Years of Worcester Cathedral’s Graffiti”, 11 September 2023, Worcester Cathedral Library and Archive.