Dr Erik Grigg

Lecturer in History


I have a wide background in teaching both academically and in the heritage sector (in museums and castles). My primary focus is early medieval Britain, but I also take an interest in Magna Carta, the Cornish language, the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Forest Law and warfare in history. I give regular talks to historical groups throughout the East Midlands.

Related courses:

Related Courses

I lead on Life and Death in Late Medieval Britain, Dark Arts (a history of magic, witchcraft and folklore), Light in the Dark Ages (understanding early medieval Europe) and Bows Bayonets and Bullets (the changing face of battle).

For my PhD I studied early medieval linear earthworks (Dark Age dykes) and I continue to study these.

  • Mods: a concise history (2020)
  • ‘Thoughts on the Dark Age dykes of Yorkshire’ (2019) Briefing, the magazine of the Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society 5
  • Warfare, raiding and defence in Early Medieval Britain (2018) Robert Hale
  • ‘Lincolnshire Links with New Zealand’ (2018) Lincolnshire Past and Present 111
  • ‘The name of the Battle (Battle of Lincoln 1217)’ (2017) Lincolnshire Past and Present 108
  • ‘The Battle of Lincoln, 1217’ (2017) Lincs Scene April/May
  • 1217 The Battle of Lincoln (2017) Lincoln BIG
  • ‘The Forest of Kesteven and the Charter of the Forest’ (2016-7) Lincolnshire Past and Present 106
  • ‘Boundaries and walls in Anglo-Saxon England’, a chapter co-written with Margaret Worthington in The Material Culture of the Built Environment in the Anglo-Saxon World (2015) University of Liverpool Press
  • Lincoln and the Magna Carta: Being an account of Lincoln’s 1215 Magna Carta, the 1217 Battle of Lincoln and the 1217 Lincoln Charter of the Forests (2015)
  • ‘Early medieval dykes in Britain 400-850 AD’ in Towns and Topography (2014) Oxbow Books
  • ‘Eamon de Valera’s escape from Lincoln Prison’ (2011/2012) Lincolnshire Past & Present 86
  • ‘The Charter of the Forest’ (2010) Living Woods September/October issue
  • ‘Mole Rain and other natural phenomena in the Welsh Annals: can mirabilia unravel the textual history of the Annales Cambriae’ (2009) The Welsh History Review 24.4
  • ‘Charter of the Forest’ (2009/2010) Historic Lincoln Winter issue
  • ‘The Mods of Lincoln’ (2008) Lincolnshire Poacher Autumn issue
  • Beunans Meriasek: the Life of St Meriasek, a study guide (2008) Cornish Language Board
  • ‘The Medieval Cornish Bible’ (2008) Cornish Studies Volume 16
  • ‘Fosow an Osow Tewl a Gernow’ (note that this article was written in Cornish and the title translates as ‘Cornish medieval dykes’) (2008) An Gowsva 35
  • ‘Thoughts on language change in Cornwall’ (2007) An Gowsva 32
  • ‘Lincoln’s medieval theatre’ (2007) Lincolnshire Past & Present 67
  • ‘St Aldhelm’s Chapel’ (2007) Dorset January issue
  • ‘Diaries for genealogists’ (2007) Family Tree Magazine October issue
  • ‘The story of the Fiskerton skull’ (2006) Lincolnshire Unearthed 6
  • ‘An old Soldier brought to life’ (2006) Ancestors 50
  • ‘Bog bodies – a skull found at Fiskerton’ (2005/6) Lincolnshire Past and Present 62

I am a member of the Offa’s Dyke Collaboratory and the Vikings in the East Midlands network .

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