Sunbathing, Shopping and Social Distancing: A Cat’s Life in Lockdown

by Johnty – Head Cat of Bishop Grosseteste University

It has been a strange few weeks but so far I’ve adapted well to this social distancing, in fact, as a cat, solitude is often my preference.

I’m making sure to get my daily exercise and am doing my best to use each excursion wisely. If I’m not on an essential food trip I’m ensuring that my fellow felines are adhering to social distancing. I’ve come across several on my regular patrols but have quickly made it clear they should be relaxing in their own home, not mine.

Most of my sunbathing spots around campus (particularly the Peace Garden) are still available, although frustratingly the IT building seems to be locked and my servants, I mean the people who work there, are not in so I can’t get to my favourite window sill (but this is a small price to pay if it means they’ll all be back sooner rather than later).

On top of that I’m also making sure my human home worker is keeping his spirits up. He doesn’t always seem impressed with my shopping choices (I’m doing my best to avoid stock piling food so I’m sticking to one mouse or small bird on my daily hunting trip) but removing them from the house is certainly keeping him active. I’m also struggling to get him to follow my advice on recommended sleep time but I’m hopeful the upcoming Bank Holiday will give him a chance to try things my way.

Despite my preference for peace and quiet, I am looking forward to seeing campus return to its usual bustling state. I’m certainly looking forward to more attention and joining in your photographs.

Until then I hope you’re all staying well and looking after yourselves.

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9th April 2020