A new collection from Oxford Press, featuring original research studies from two Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) students and edited under the supervision of Dr. Maria Efstratopoulou, Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs at BGU has been released.

The Collection, titled ‘Interdisciplinary Reflections and Socio-Cultural Issues in Education: Anthropological, Legal and Educational Views for Vulnerable Groups’, highlights the latest knowledge and new ideas as “food for thought”, which can be applied in peoples’ everyday life, and particularly in the everyday educational practice.

The two BGU students, Sue Wood a Doctoral Candidate, EdD from BGU presenting a part of her Doctoral Thesis and Abigail MacDougall, a SENI graduate in 2019, have each submitted a chapter for the book under Dr Efstratopoulou’s supervision. Sue’s chapter explores ‘Assessment in Special Education: Improving professionals’ skills using video footage’ whilst Abigail’s investigates Parents’ perceptions of the impact of early stage exam tests on anxiety levels in young children with and without Autism.

The full book presents current socio-cultural issues for discussion, trying to enhance the quality of teaching and increase students’ interest and inclusion. Its first part presents this new era with new needs that have arisen and the second one, ideas for practice and methodological issues. It refers to young and experienced teachers of all levels, psychologists, social workers and people who work in education and provides material for thought and reflection.

The texts include current topics such as Education and Leading Strategies in Special Education as well as topics related to increasing motivation in the educational process. In addition, traveling through the pages of this book you can find out original research articles on innovative topics.

You can purchase your copy of the full book here.

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27th July 2020