Becca Taylor, first year BA (Hons) Sociology student at Bishop Grosseteste University, is aiming to become the next racing legend by entering the Formula Woman driving competition.

Formula Woman is a driving competition for women with little to no racing experience, with the grand prize of a fully sponsored 2022 race season in a McLaren GT4. It originated in 2004, where it was also televised on ITV.

Speaking ahead of the competition Becca discussed her motivations and along with the upcoming challenges she’d be facing:

“This really is that once in a lifetime opportunity.”
“I’ve been into cars ever since I was younger when I was obsessed with my Dad’s old Porsche. When I passed my test I made the most of driving, but just under 2 years ago, I was introduced to Lotus by my partner and that is when I fell truly in love with racing and track driving. So much so I had to buy myself one! It has been from there, that my love for that style of driving, including skills such as heel toe, cornering techniques etc. really grew into what it is today.”
“Since applying for Formula Women, I have been training hard ready for the first assessments in the Autumn, through strength & fitness, media presence and improving my driving capabilities and knowledge. I want to take my training to that next level to give myself the best chance of winning, which means getting out on track and potentially tuition.”

You can follow Becca’s journey on her Instagram page @driving_bex and YouTube channel. You can also help support her in her journey by making a donation at

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