Key researchers at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) are collaborating with colleagues at York St John University to explore the impact of Covid-19 on personal and societal resilience and on the part played by churches in promoting and sustaining wellbeing.

Led by the Revd Canon Professor Leslie J Francis, the BGU research team includes the Revd Professor Jeff Astley, the Revd Dr Tania ap Sion along with Mrs Emma Eccles and they are joined by the Revd Professor Andrew Village from York St John University.

Over the last few weeks the research team has developed a major survey in discussion with the Church Times and with Bishop David Walker who serves as Chair of the Co-ordination Group on Coronavirus and the Church of England. In an article to launch this survey in the Church Times Bishop David Walker wrote:

“This survey is an attempt to go beyond anecdote… It will capture evidence of both excitement and fear for the future, of where stress levels have changed, and whether personal faith has weakened or grown.”

The survey can be completed on mobile phones, though it is more quickly completed on devices with larger screens such as tablets or computers.

You can access the survey through the following link:

This is a survey of how people see the church so all responses are welcome. If you know anyone you feel might want to take part in the survey and support this research, please share this link. We should have some initial results within a few weeks and will make these available as widely as we can.

You can keep up to date on the progress of the study on our News page.

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22nd May 2020